Heredfordshire Centre for Community Led Housing Marches MCLH

HCCLH Launch 12th July 2018

A New Community housing project has been launched to help people have more control over housing in their area.

The Herefordshire Centre for Community Led Housing (HCCLH) was formed over the last year by local volunteers.

The group aims to promote the development of affordable and sustainable community led housing.

The project is being supported by Herefordshire Council with some of the £503,000 grant from the Government’s community housing fund. It is being implemented by long-running local charity Welcome To Our Future.

The Centre’s first employee, Nancy Winfield, has been appointed as it’s full-time project development manager.

“Housing can be a contentious local issue, so we believe community involvement is vital to getting the housing that we really need,”

she said

“HCCLH is in the forefront of a number of government-backed projects intended to enable groups of local people to get together, make a decision on the type of housing the need within their community and then get these home built. HCCLT is here to help people access all the knowledge, resources and training the need to form a community group and take their building project from an initial idea to completion”

For more information on the project and how to get involved, call 07999925545.