Treshold Community Housing Project Affordable housing Project

Herefordshire Affordable housing Project Gets Underway With First Site Visit

Herefordshire Centre for Community-led Housing (HCCLH) is a new and not for profit organisation supporting the development of affordable housing in Herefordshire.

At the end of June the project was launched when HCCLH Project Development Manager, Nancy Winfield took a group of local residents to see an existing and highly successful community-led housing project.

A group of 10 from Canon Frome Court near Ledbury visited The Threshold Centre in Gillingham, Dorset.

The community at Canon Frome Court comprises around 50 residents who are currently exploring ways to increase affordable housing on their site.

During their visit to The Threshold Centre they learnt how a 2008 partnership between a housing association and local residents started the project.

They were also able to talk to residents about how the project has flourished during the last ten years.

With shared gardens, land for vegetable growth and an orchard, a key focus for The Threshold Centre is sustainability.

On site facilities include water recycling and rainwater collection, a wood pellet heating system and PV electricity generating panels.

The following testimonials were taken from the visit.

With the growth of UK community-led housing, more and more people are not just having a say in the housing that’s built in or near their communities; they’re actually forming groups and building their own homes. We are therefore very pleased to be supporting the development of these projects within Herefordshire. I was keen to re-visit the Threshold Centre which was a community-led housing project I helped to create. It was great to see it still flourishing and to take a group from Herefordshire for inspiration and peer to peer learning.

Nancy Winfield
Project Developement Manager

It was really worthwhile to hear from the residents about the challenges and benefits that a partnership with a housing association can bring.

Anne-Clare Landolt
Canon Frome Court Resident

The above visit was facilitated by a grant from the Community Housing Fund and more are planned.